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Color Theory: Best Summer Outfit Color Combination

Before talking about color combinations, let us give you some background info on summer colors in general.

Although there are no rules stating appropriate color in clothing pertaining to a specific season, there is definitely valid reasoning why you experience a seasonal change in the color of other people’s outfits.

In regards to fashion, summer colors are usually light in shade and cooler on the color palette. Common colors include:

  • Baby Blue

  • Periwinkle

  • Olive

Summer colors are usually lighter in shade because they don’t retain heat as much as darker shades.

Finding your ideal color combination can give you an edge both in the office or your next night out.

Without getting too much into the science of color organization, here are the best color combinations for the summer for your skin complexion.

Cool Skin Tones: Light Pink and Grey Light Pink, often associated with charm and romantic, makes you look less boring (not saying you are).

Grey is most commonly associated with modesty and indifference. This color combination is playful, yet conservative. Wearing a pink dress shirt and light grey dress pants to work or on a date can make you a sight for sore eyes.

Warm Skin Tones: Beige and Black: Beige, the french word originally meaning unbleached and uncolored wool, can be matched with any color. Contrasting beige with a neutral color such as black can give you a reliable, trustworthy, and friendly kinda vibe. Ideal for people with warm skin tones, this combination will make it easier for you to connect with others.

Neutral Skin Tones (viable for both warm and cool skin tones): Yellow and White: This color combination is refreshing, screams summer, and is great for all skin tones. Best for parties, weddings and outdoor events, but avoid wearing this killer combo in the office though; otherwise your co-workers might start pulling out their sunglasses. Way too bright in contrast to traditional office dress code color schemes.

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